Just a few things


Here at XenoServers Network, we want everyone to feel welcome and have fun. In order to make sure everyone is happy, we have a few rules that apply on both the Discord server and the Minecraft server.

XenoServers General Rules
  • No hate words or offensive slurs

  • Advertising drives our players away, please don't send IPs, invites, or any other kind of information about another server

  • Sexual orientation, gender, religion, race, or politics are completely off the table for being chat topics

  • Please use common sense when chatting, this keeps our community clean and fun to be in

  • Don't flood or spam the chat, other players use it to communicate and cannot read if your messages get in the way

  • Respect each other, you're all in one big community. We'd like to keep it fun for everyone

  • Online dating communication is not allowed - keep that to your DMs, please

XenoServers Minecraft Rules
  • No hacking, modding, exploiting, etc. TL;DR don't use anything that can give you an advantage over others

  • Please report glitches and server exploits to staff once you find that they can be used as an advantage

  • Please make it a fair game for all players to enjoy equally

  • Don't repeatedly accuse players of hacking in chat, please simply report their actions and username to the Discord server

  • Follow individual servers' rules to keep all players in a fair environment

XenoServers Discord Rules

  • Abusing staff or other players is prohibited

  • Please don't spam the bots or try to cause unnecessary errors for staff to clear

  • Don't ping other players for no reason

  • Personal information is private, please keep it that way

  • Don't pester others if they wish to keep their personal info to themselves

  • Do not ask for additional roles if they do not apply to you