Please read carefully before submitting an application on XenoServers


Helpers are an important part of our Minecraft staff team. You have the responsibility of moderating the server chat with mutes and kicks, reporting suspicious players to executive staff, and giving guidance to players that are lost or don't understand certain features - this requires you to be knowledgeable about the servers.


Discord Managers have the responsibility to keep our Discord server clean and be sure everyone is enjoying being a part of the XenoServers community. You'll moderate chat, help members that are lost, and respond to support tickets when they appear.


Builders are crucial contributors to the visual aspect of our servers. You have the responsibility of completing assignments given to you on our dedicated build server. These builds can include things like server lobbies, minigames maps, and parkour courses.


Streamers or YouTubers have very simple responsibilities. You are to promote the server in any way that you choose and are capable of doing. We rely on the public for advertisement and we love when big personalities can show others what our community is about.


Developers are the backbone to our entire network. You will create and edit plugins for the servers and the proxy, and be responsible for those plugins and their maintenance.


Before you apply, make sure you have read all the staff applicant requirements. Failure to meet the following requirements will result in an immediate declination of your application.